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Fecal Screen

The presence of parasites and organisms can be detected through the Fecal Screen. A standard screen includes a Fecal Float and Aerobic Culture Test, with other add-ons available. This test also detects the presence of undigested food particles which is an indicator that your animal's digestive system is unable to break down and digest its food correctly.

Fecal Cultures:

  • Detection of aerobic fecal cultures (Salmonella, E.coli, etc.) is standard.
  • Detection of anaerobic cultures (Clostridial cultures) can be added.

Fecal Floats:

  • Identifies parasites and other parasitisms.
  • Can be performed as a Zinc Sulfate Centrifuge or Sugar Float.

Acid Fast Stain:

  • Website in development. More info forthcoming.

Fecal Virus Scan:

  • Website in development. More info forthcoming.

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